12 Days of Cheesemas

Day 12:

Marieke 2 Year Overjarige Gouda

It’s the last cheese of Cheesemas and we are sad to end the fun but what better cheese to end on?

Marieke Overjarige is made right here in Wisconsin and we love the notes of spice, caramel, coffee, and toasted nuts that dance on the tongue. In 2009 the Overjarige won awards at the World Cheese Awards and in 2014 it won at the World Cheese Championship so you know it’s good!

Try pairing with cured Italian meats like Prosciutto or salamis to really bring out the flavors in the cheese. For you lovers of dark, malty beers, try enjoying the two together for a fun pairing.


Cheesemas Sale:

We’ve knocked down the price per pound to $26.99 on this amazing Gouda that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser! Try a wedge or give as a gift to your holiday host or hostess.