12 Days of Cheesemas

Day 3:

Moliterno Pecorino with Truffle


Image courtesy of Murray’s Cheese

Hailing all the way from Sardinia is this raw sheep’s milk cheese infused with black truffles. The Moliterno Pecorino is truly a flavorful adventure you want to embark on. The truffles are infused after the cheese has had time to age on its own; this allows the cheese to develop its own unique flavor before another is introduced.

The beautiful veining throughout the cheese is the result of the truffles being injected into the cheese after the aging process has been completed. This cheese makes for quite the display on any cheeseboard.

The Moliterno Pecorino pairs nicely with an earthy, Italian red wine. Two strong flavors working together to make quite the memorable cheese experience.


Cheesemas Sale:

Just so that you can make your holiday extra special we are lowering the price per pound on the Moliterno to only $29.99, normally $31.99/pound!