12 Days of Cheesemas

Day 4:

CHEVOO Marinated Goat Cheeses

CHEVOO was created by Gerard and Susan Tuck, two Aussies who moved to California. As passionate food lovers with a taste for adventure, they were inspired to create a new, unique range of marinated goat cheeses in the U.S., drawing on the abundant farm lands of local Northern California, the U.S. and beyond.

CHEVOO is made from the highest quality goat curd, hand-blended with new and delectable combinations of spices, herbs, chilies and pollens–then paired with an Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) that has been 8 weeks infused with crushed botanicals. The combination of flavor profiles in both the goat cheese and infused oil makes CHEVOO quite unique. Source: www.chevoo.com

Image Courtesy of Go Local Sonoma

CHEVOO Marinated Goat cheeses are some of our Cheesemonger’s favorite cheeses so it’s only fitting that they kick off Day 4 of Cheesemas. Glorioso’s carries 4 different flavors of CHEVOO:

Tupelo Honey and Lime:

This flavor reminds us of a decadent key lime pie; notes of sweet lime and honey play well with one of the creamiest goat cheeses we’ve ever tasted. Pair this flavor with some graham crackers or gingersnaps for a fun dessert even the kids will love. For the grown-ups, try a dry sparkling Rose or Prosecco to play up the sweetness of the goat cheese.

Urfa Chili and Lemon:

Urfa chili peppers and tart lemon make this goat cheese perfect for cooking (or snacking). We love the faint heat from the peppers with chicken breast, roasted veggies, or smeared on warm crostini fresh from the oven. You can use the oil to cook your dish or save it to marinate more goat cheese- it’s the cheese that keeps on giving (literally).

Italian Black Truffle:

Italian Black Truffles are the hit flavor this winter! Gently folded in with this velvety goat cheese, the delicate earthiness makes quite the addition to a cheeseboard or tossed into your favorite dish. Use the leftover oil as you would any other truffle oil.

Smoked Salt with Rosemary:

This fresh, creamy goat cheese does not disappoint. The delicate hint of smoked sea salt plays nicely with the fresh rosemary infused olive oil. Spread on warm, toasted bread or toss on some roasted sweet potatoes to take them to the next level.

Cheesemas Sale:

We love CHEVOO cheeses so much that we’re offering all 4 flavors (even the Black Truffle) for only $4.99 each!  Give them as a gift, try cooking a new dish for your holiday get-together, or just snack on them while you’re preparing to host friends and family this year.