12 Days of Cheesemas

Day 5:

Sartori Espresso BellaVitano

Image courtesy of Sartori

The Espresso BellaVitano is another seasonal item that Glorioso’s only carries for the month of December. We love this hand-rubbed sweet cheese made with freshly roasted espresso beans. Another thing we love is that Sartori cheeses are from Wisconsin, a wonderful taste of home to bring with you to any holiday party.

Try pairing this warm, sweet cheese with chocolate or dried fruits to bring out the rich flavor of the espresso. The Espresso BellaVitano also pairs well with Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Noir, or Shiraz wines. If you’re a beer drinker try it with: barley wine, fruity beers, porters, or stouts.

Cheesemas Sale:

We’re offering the Espresso BellaVitano wedges for only $4.99 for the 12 Days of Cheesemas! Pick upĀ  a wedge or two while it’s still in stock!