12 Days of Cheesemas

Day 6:

Vantia Imported Provolones

Glorioso’s is pleased to offer 3 different imported Provolone cheeses to you this holiday season! We carry the Mandarino (pictured above), Boccia (shaped like a giant egg), and a classic sharp Provolone from the Vantia brand.


The Mandarino is a pear shaped Provolone that starts off with a mild, delicate flavor but as it ages it becomes sharper and more flavorful. This is perfect for cooking as it lends so much flavor to whatever dish you are preparing. The Boccia Provolone is an egg shaped Provolone that is sharp and spicy. This Provolone is a little dryer but melts beautifully into any dish. The classic wedge is also sharp but retains a softer texture so this one is great for cheeseboards or cooking.


Cheesemas Sale:

We’ve knocked a dollar off per pound on these 3 Provolones so that you can try one or all three! Stop in today and enjoy the Cheesemas savings!