12 Days of Cheesemas

Day 7:

Deer Creek’s ‘The Doe’

Image Courtesy of Deer Creek Cheese

The Doe is a┬áMadagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean Infused Specialty Cheddar from Deer Creek located right here in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. This is our Cheese Monger’s favorite cheddar from Deer Creek (don’t tell the other cheeses she said that). The Doe is a delightfully creamy cheddar marbled with┬ápure Madagascar Bourbon vanilla bean. When you take your first bite exhale slightly as you would when tasting wine to get the full flavor of the vanilla.

This cheese pairs well with coffee, Bourbon, Cognac, and hard ciders or you can take it for a spin with a Chardonnay or crisp Champagne. If you’re feeling extra fancy grab your favorite chocolate bar and enjoy a sweet, cheesy treat.


Cheesemas Sale:

The Doe is on sale for only $13.99 per pound through the 24th. Grab a wedge to share this holiday season or as a special treat for yourself. This cheese will only be available during the month of December so grab it before it’s gone!