12 Days of Cheesemas

Day 1:

Beehive Cheeses: Barely Buzzed and The Teahive


Yes we are aware that this is technically 2 cheeses but since they’re from the same amazing creamery we won’t make a fuss.

Beehive cheeses hail from Utah and are made small batch, by hand using only local ingredients. You can taste the quality and the care in every bite. Since there is so much love going into these cheeses, we’re going to show them some love and put them as number 1 on the calendar. You can find more information at their website: https://beehivecheese.com/ or follow them on social media @beehivecheese

Barely Buzzed

Image Credit: Beehive Cheese

Barely Buzzed is hand-rubbed with coffee and lavender buds that are ground in with the coffee. You can find notes of butterscotch and caramel near the rind in addition to the coffee and delicate lavender flavors. As you get further into the cheese these flavors still reside within the center of the cheese as well.  Barely Buzzed is a full bodied and smooth textured cheese that pairs wonderfully with medium-bodied red wines (see Carrie in our wine department for suggestions), ports, ales, stouts, or ciders.

The Teahive

Image Credit: Beehive Cheese

The Teahive combines the warm comfort of Earl Grey tea with the relaxing taste of bergamot. This cheese is delightfully creamy and pairs well with dark chocolate or citrus fruits. So pour yourself a hot cup of Earl Grey tea and cozy up with the Teahive this winter!

Cheesemas Sale:

Both wedges will be on sale from 12/10 to 12/24 for only $4.99 each! Try them out and fall in love with these unique cheeses from Utah!