CHEVOO is made from the highest quality goat curd, hand-blended with new and delectable combinations of spices, herbs, chilies and pollens–then paired with an Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) that has been infused for 8 weeks with crushed botanicals. The combination of flavor profiles in both the goat cheese and infused oil makes CHEVOO very unique.

Glorioso’s offers 3 of Chevoo’s unique flavors: Tupelo Honey and Lime, Urfa Chili and Lemon, and Smoked Salt with Rosemary. The honey and lime carries a flavor profile reminiscent of a decadent key lime pie, while the Urfa chili and lemon will tickle your taste buds with a hint of spice and tart lemon. The smoked salt and rosemary is our favorite, perfect for salads, chicken breasts, or as an appetizer with some cracked pepper crackers.

Try one or all of these fantastic goat cheeses at only $5.49 each. The best part is you can use the infused oil to marinate more cheese or cook with – we love Chevoo!