Deer Creek - The Rattlesnake Cheese

We are absolutely in love with this new signature cheddar from Deer Creek. The Rattlesnake is a creamy medium cheddar infused with premium gold tequila and—wait for it—habanero peppers! The flavor is smooth and sweet with a delightful burst of heat at the end from the habaneros. But not to worry, the rattle is worse than the bite.

Try pairing this cheese with Italian spritzes, tequila on the rocks, Mexican beers or an Italian Rosato wine. You can also slap a slice on a burger, grate it over spicy tonnarelli pasta, or just cube it up for a peppery snack!  

Come visit the Deer Creek booth along with other fantastic Wisconsin cheese makers in the Glorioso’s cheese tent at this year’s Brady Street Festival on July 28th. See you there!