Glorioso's Fittata

The humble frittata is a staple of Italy. It is the open-faced and more approachable version of the omelette. The methods and ingredients of cooking the frittata are very casual, as it is something mainly cooked in the home with whatever leftovers are in the refrigerator. It is the quintessentil street food and a staple dish of the poor, since it uses the cheap and humble egg, a perfect source of protein. At Glorioso’s, we’ve created a delicious version that we love, and it features our own Fontina cheese imported from Italy, and our famous family-recipe, fresh Italian sausage made in the store.

This is a perfect dish for a hearty breakfast, for feeding hungry guests for brunch, or for a new twist on dinner. That’s the beauty of the frittata, it’s versatile, easy and delicious.