January Cheese of the Month: Blu di Bufala

It’s the start of a new year so why not make a resolution to try new things? There’s no better place to start than with the Blu di Bufala.

Image courtesy of Cheese.com

The Blu di Bufala is an Italian blue cheese made with pasteurized water buffalo milk. Buffalo milk cheeses are characteristically creamy and sweet due to the high fat content of the milk. This particular blue cheese is aged in subterranean caves for weeks to give it a mild tangy, nutty flavor.

Try drizzling some honey over the top or pair it with a sweeter white wine to really compliment the sweetness of the buffalo milk and enhance the buttery flavors of the Blu di Bufala. If you’re not a fan of blue cheeses, try the Casatica di Bufala. A creamy buffalo milk cheese similar in texture to a brie that pairs with just about anything you can think of. Try it melted on a crostini with our Glorioso’s strawberry fig preserves.