Somerdale Red Dragon


Fall is here! Time for pumpkins, cider, and comfort food. What is more comforting than cheese? So many flavors and varieties to fit any need or desire. Our October cheese of the month is Somerdale’s Red Dragon Cheddar. Somerdale cheeses hail from England and they offer everything from fruity Wensleydales to savory, creamy Cheddars that pack a punch of flavor. The Red Dragon is an English Cheddar blended with wholegrain mustard seeds and ale for a delightful bite that will leave you wanting more.


Red Dragon is a great addition to any cheese board and makes for a fantastic burger topping or grilled cheese sandwich. We recommend letting it get to room temperature, that is when the Cheddar starts to melt in your mouth and you can experience the full flavor of the cheese. Stop in the market to try it yourself!