Over the past few years, our catering business has really grown. Glorioso’s has always been a first choice for many people on the East Side who were looking for delicious Milwaukee catering with an Italian flavor, but we’re now becoming an option for people in the greater metro area.


Customers tell us that it is our unique selection of Italian antipasto platters, family recipe sausages and meatballs, and our wonderful salads and lunch boxes that provide a flexible, fresh, and flavorful meal that brightens any event.


We’ve also noticed an increase in business catering orders. Whether it’s lunch catering, breakfast catering, or special event catering, we are getting more and more calls from local businesses who want delicious, convenient, local and affordable cuisine delivered at the perfect time. We couldn’t be happier to serve our family traditions to people, and we are appreciative of the support and trust that you give us to cater your weddings, private parties, and corporate lunches!


As a thank-you, we’re providing a useful party planning checklist to help you plan the perfect event!

Planning an event is no easy task, so we listed out some of the most common things to think about when you’re coordinating your event. Of course, there may be more items to add to the list, but we’ve got some of the basics covered for you. Just remember that as long as you schedule all of the tasks you need to do in your calendar and give yourself enough time to complete them, you should be alright.


Thanks you again for your business, and we hope you enjoy the free checklist!

Download Here