To our Loyal Customers, Fans & Supporters:

As Milwaukee’s Italian food center, we wanted to share with you what Glorioso’s Italian Market and Glorioso’s Appetito are doing to modify our already-high standards of cleanliness and sanitization in response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus). Our team has been focused on the recommendations from healthcare, the CDC, and disease control professionals to make sure that Glorioso’s continues to be a welcoming destination for our visitors. We have been engaged with the appropriate health & safety channels who have provided us with relevant fact-based data. We continue to monitor and make adjustments when and where necessary, but we wanted to make you aware of just some of the immediate measures we’re taking to help keep our customers and employees healthy:


Communication & Action Plan with Employees: Our staff are absolute professionals in the food service business and most of what is being asked of us is already in place.  However, here are the additional steps we are taking to ensure your continued confidence in our operation.

We’ve issued a memorandum to all employees, providing them a list of helpful websites from the Center for Disease Control, World Health Organization, National Restaurant Association and both the Wisconsin & City of Milwaukee Health Departments.

Each of our employees (as well as our management team) have staff who are ServeSafe certified and are knowledgeable about best-practices for purchasing and receiving, food preparation, serving guidelines, food safety management systems, and sanitation guidelines.

All staff have been told to remember the basics – per the CDC recommendations: wash your hands, maintain a clean workplace and encouraging sick employees to stay home are just a few of the common-sense preventative strategies for any business or organization.

All employees are paying extra attention to the cleaning methods in their individual spaces – including customer service areas, touch-screen POS systems, etc.


Sanitization & Cleaning Products:  Increased our stock and added to our inventory of sanitizing and disinfectant products.

Hand-Sanitizing Areas:  We have public sinks and soap dispensers available in our public restrooms for you to wash your hands.

Enhanced Cleaning Protocols:  We have directed our cleaning staff to modify cleaning procedures to include more frequent sanitization of door handles, tables, railings, sinks, drinking fountains, etc.


Our focus is to provide a welcoming environment for our patrons and employees. As of today, the CDC identifies a low immediate risk for the vast majority of the American public. As with any health or food-safety risks, we will continue our due diligence and monitor updates.  Below are some links and resources we have found helpful for the most accurate information. We encourage you to visit these sites to address any questions you have, as we closely monitor recommendations from local, state, and national officials who are experts in this arena.


For now we wanted all of you to know the steps we’re taking to ensure that Glorioso’s maintains our reputation as a safe and healthy gathering place.


Stay healthy everyone, we’ll see you at Glorioso’s Italian Market and Glorioso’s Appetito.