A spicy take on a Roman classic

This delicious and easy pasta dish is tossed with sauce made from Pecorino Romano, olive oil, pepper, and starchy pasta cooking water. The result is a cheesy, tangy, salty and spicy treat. Our selection of Spicy Red Pepper Tonnarelli from Rustichella d’Abruzzo gives this dish a flash of heat that makes you want more with every bite!

Two tips to keep your sauce from clumping:
1. Finely grate the Pecorino. Romano isn’t the easiest cheese to melt. The finer you grate it, the better off you are.

2. Use the hot water from the pasta pot, and boil the pasta in less water than usual. Use enough to cover the pasta with a little extra room. This will give you more starchy water, which will help make your sauce smooth.